US Orders $30+
Int. Orders $99+


When Will My Items Ship?

Depending on what you order your items will leave our facilities anywhere from 24 hours up to 20 days after purchase.
We will notify you via email once your items have shipped. In that email, you will be supplied a tracking number for your package.
Please all up to 72 hours after receiving your tracking number so the tracking system can update.
What Type Of Payments Do You Accept?

American Express
Why Won't My Credit Card Work?

Or credit card verification system is state of the art to avoid fraud and to protect our customers.  If you are having a problem with using your credit card, please double check to make sure that the information you are entering is correct.  Billing address, zip code, and CCV codes are the biggest reasons for declines.  If you still experience issues, please contact your bank, use a different card, or use PayPal.
How Much Is Shipping?

We offer worldwide shipping.  Shipping within the USA ranges from $3.99 to $5.99 USD.  International shipping can range anywhere from $7.99 to $12.99 USD, depending on location. We will pay your shipping charges for any order above $50 USD in the USA or over $99 USD Internationally.
I Ordered More Than 1 Item, Why Have I Only Recieved One Or Some? Where Are The Rest Of My Items?

There are times when your products will be shipping from different facilities or at different times from the same facility.  You may receive your items at different times.  Don't worry we will get all of your items to you. :)
Will I Be Able To Track My Shipment?

Yep!  Once your order has been set to ship from our facilities you will be alerted by email that your item is on its way.  It can take up to 72 hours after you receive the tracking number before the tracking system updates to show your package in transit.
What Do I Do If I Have Not Recieved My Item That Shows In Transit Or Delivered?

Contact your local post office and ask them where they put it.  There are times when they leave the package with a neighbor.  Make sure that another family member did not bring the package inside.  Check around the home to see if the postal carrier left the item at a garage door, back porch, etc.  We have heard of times when packages were blown or knocked into the bushes next to where the package was left.
Please note that once a product leaves our facility with the carrier it becomes out of our control.  We are unable to predict delays with the postal service.
We also have no control over customs for international shipments.  We do everything we can to assure an on-time delivery.
What Do I Do If I Order The Wrong Size?

Act FAST because the clock is ticking.  If we are able to catch the issue before the item goes into production, we can make the change.  If they item has already gone into production you will have to wait for the item to be delivered to you and then go through the returns process.
What Do I Do If I Noticed I Put In The Wrong Shipping Address?

Act FAST because the clock is ticking.  If we are able to catch the issue we can make the change.  If not, we will have to wait until the package is returned to us.
What Is Your Return Policy?

Our return policy is one of the best in the industry.  You can learn more about it by clicking here.
What If My Item Is Damaged?

For damaged items, please check our return policy and start the return process for an exchange.
What Happens If My Item Is Damaged After Wearing Or Washing?

We highly recommend reading the washing or care instructions for your products. For clothing, we recommend washing inside out on cold.  Hang drying or using low heat.  If you feel that its a manufacturing defect, contact us.